Friday, August 02, 2013

Fashion Forward #5

This 'Fashion Forward' isn't really inspired by this dress at all; it's inspired by a lady by the name of Megan, who is actually one of my GREATEST fashion inspirations!

Inspired by Rainbows

Inspired by Rainbows by chrissy-sparkle

I don't know exactly what it is about rainbows that gets me absolutely giddy with excitement and happiness, but it would appear that Megan and I (and many other bloggers, in my experience) share the same affliction!

The Kate Spade holographic clutch is definitely my favourite item here...if only it didn't cost $300!!!  I think I'm getting a similar one for my birthday on Sunday - a little less rainbow, a little more silver :)

Have you found the rainbow connection too? ;)

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Stationery Love!

Confession time again:  I'm also a stationeryaholic.

Not entirely sure when this particular obsession started, but I can tell you that it's only growing in magnitude ;)

(You'll notice that collections and obsessions are one of my things, and they'll probably pop up a lot on the blog...I mean, when I was about 10 I used to colour-code my entire wardrobe, and I had a roster going for which lipgloss I wore each day of the week (because naturally I had a lipgloss collection...) - I was a pretty weird child!  One day I'd like to get psychologically tested to see if I have Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder - I feel like I tick a LOT of the boxes!)

My boyfriend and I have a little agreement going: for as long as I'm still studying at uni, our Valentine's Day tradition is for him to take me to Officeworks and give me a set amount of money to spend on whatever stationery I want.  People laugh their heads off when I tell them this, but seriously...the first year he did it, I almost cried, I'd never been so happy!!!  And it's great for him because he never has to think of anything to get me!

Here are some snaps of my haul for the past few years (this year's photo is still on my boyfriend's computer, I'll have to update this after next Valentine's Day):

I guess part of the appeal is the awesomely bright colours, and the fact that once you have a pile of stationery, you need to find ways of organising it, which of course is one of my favourite things to do!  (...honestly!)

I have a huge collection of stationery: pens (seriously - about nine pencil-cases-worth of pens and pencils and highlighters and textas), notepads (nothing is more exciting than a blank notepad - oh, the possibilities!), writing paper, sticky tape, Post-Its (I could write an entire blog post about my love of Post-Its!), staples, white-out tape, paper clips, envelopes, Blu-Tac, folders, stickers, dividers, dispensers...

And now after writing all that down, I have a sudden urge to go and play with all my stationery!  Toodles!

Are you a stationery maniac like me?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fashion Forward #4

I didn't even know that Rainbow Row was a thing until I discovered this lovely Rainbow Row in Citrus dress on ModCloth:

Inspired by Rainbow Row Dress in Citrus

Inspired by Rainbow Row Dress in Citrus by chrissy-sparkle

I then discovered that Rainbow Row is a row of colourful houses in Charleston, South Carolina.  I'd love to visit there someday!  However, for now the dress reminds me of the fantastic times I've had in Amsterdam in my travels, and that will do me just fine :)

I bought this a couple of weeks ago during ModCloth's Most Pinned From The App sale, so I got 20% off which was nice!  I'd love to find the original Rainbow Row Dress but I've had no luck so far; the blue/green/purple colour palate is more my style, but this citrus version is still beautiful!

Are you into quirky dress prints too?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fashion Forward #3

This 'Fashion Forward' is proudly brought to you by my ridiculous love of all things junk-food related!

Inspired by Good Enough to Eat Dress

Inspired by Good Enough to Eat Dress by chrissy-sparkle

I've been eyeing off the Good Enough to Eat dress for a while but they never had it in my size.  Now they've restocked, and it's sitting in my basket on ModCloth because I'm trying not to buy five dresses a week...but it's pay-day next week, so we shall see ;)

I already have this dress in the Good Enough to Premiere and Good Enough to Strut varieties, so this dress will complete the trio nicely!  They're a very flattering fit (as are most fit-and-flare dresses on those of us blessed with a few curves!) and the colours are gorgeous!

My styling of this dress was partially inspired by this lovely lady:

The Carrie Diaries - Episode 11
I just LOVE that she added a tulle underskirt to really make the dress sit nicely, it complements the peplum jacket so well!  I'm not sure Carrie would ever be so tacky as to style this dress with a bracelet covered in hot dogs, but we can't all be fancy all the time ;)

Have you found any great funky prints lately?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Nifty Nails - Rainbow Gradient

This edition of 'Nifty Nails' was inspired by Kaylah's rainbow gradient nails, which I absolutely adored and decided I had to try for myself :)  And I'm shocked to say that it kind of worked!  It was rather time consuming, but worth it in the end - I got quite a few compliments!

Products used:

The lighting and quality of these pictures aren't fantastic (clearly!) but you get the general idea.  I used make-up sponges cut up into little pieces to dab on the gradient coat - I'm not great at tutorials or DIYs (yet!) so if you're not already familiar with this awesome nail art method, I'll let The Nailasaurus explain it to you.  (Her tutorial is excellent and the pictures are super detailed!)

Next time around I think I'd use slightly lighter colours to get a really tropical feel going, but I'm thrilled with how this came out all the same :)

Have you tried gradient nails before?