Monday, June 17, 2013

The beginning is the end is the beginning...

Here goes nothing... :)

I've been sitting on this blog post for...well, let's say at least three years now.  I have so many ideas for what I'd like to do with this blog of mine, so many plans and creative thoughts and adventures to share, but I've found that every time I decide to try starting it up, I find I simply don't have the time!

However.  I've realised that if I keep using that as an excuse for all the things that I'm really passionate about in life, I'm going to RUN OUT of time.  So here I go, starting up a blog, hopefully not writing three posts and then deleting them a few weeks later, as I have many times before!

As for what this blog could contain...well, any number of things!  Puppies, op shop finds, crazy nails, crazy hair, crazy make-up, outfit posts, collections, music, books, movies, travelling, paper journaling, baking, cooking, crocheting, adventures in learning foreign languages, adventures in working with children, stationery obsessions...and a hundred million other things I'm sure.

Whatever does appear on this blog, rest assured it will be rainbow-coloured and sparkly :)

I hope you enjoy!

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