Monday, June 24, 2013

Nifty Nails - Rainbow Gradient

This edition of 'Nifty Nails' was inspired by Kaylah's rainbow gradient nails, which I absolutely adored and decided I had to try for myself :)  And I'm shocked to say that it kind of worked!  It was rather time consuming, but worth it in the end - I got quite a few compliments!

Products used:

The lighting and quality of these pictures aren't fantastic (clearly!) but you get the general idea.  I used make-up sponges cut up into little pieces to dab on the gradient coat - I'm not great at tutorials or DIYs (yet!) so if you're not already familiar with this awesome nail art method, I'll let The Nailasaurus explain it to you.  (Her tutorial is excellent and the pictures are super detailed!)

Next time around I think I'd use slightly lighter colours to get a really tropical feel going, but I'm thrilled with how this came out all the same :)

Have you tried gradient nails before?

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